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JohnMichael Brain has been exhibiting in Sydney for the past 7 years, having had sellout success with many of his previous bodies of work which centered largely around the theme of water.  In working on his latest collection, JohnMichael has added a new dimension to his trademark water theme.  The viewer is taken on a journey in each new artwork, peering through an open window or an archway to a tranquil setting beyond.  Another addition to John Michael’s work is a focus on still life, in particular fruit.  This combination of building on previous water scenes from around the Lower North Shore and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney with Greek and Italian style architecture portrays a sense of growth as an artist.  It is no wonder JohnMichael has focused on ‘environment art’ for this collection, having just completed an exhausting body of commissioned portraits some of which were entered in the Moran and Archibald Art competitions.  None the less, JohnMichael says he is always looking for new subjects to paint!